Seminar Group Photo circa 2003

Seminar Group Photo circa 2003 from the silkwerks dojo.

l-to-r seated: Sempais Kyle Olinger, Sean Smith, Bill Ross, Ron Burkle; Senseis Miller and Wirth; Sempais Jose Pichardo (and his sons), Mesut Pervizpour, Dale Lindsay, Michael Hillenbrand, and Chris Wolbert.

l-to-r kneeling: Sempais Craig Constantine, JD Lepeta and R. Hetherington (sp?), and (?).

l-to-r standing: Allison Wolbert, Sempai Jim Gilsinn, Justin Olinger, Sempai Steve Butler, (?), (“Paz”?), (?), Sempai Heather Lindsay, Charles Spencer and Dan Stuart.

{ Quite a few people in this photo whose names I don’t recall. Please reach out to me if you can help fill in details. Thanks! -Craig }

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